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Brand Philosophy: From Ability to Prosperity

Driven by dreams and passions, global visions and unremitting efforts, Nenking Group will work with those who are aspiring to create a brighter future together.

Brand Vision: To Be Stronger for A Brighter Future

With sincere and pragmatic management philosophy, Nenking Group utilizes advanced thinking pattern, perspective and its competence to attach new value to urban development for providing customers with better life and becoming the most competitive export-oriented enterprise with diversified business in the region.

Brand Identity: Practicability, Dream, Passion, and Creativity

Practicability is the principle. Nenking staff needs to stand on the solid ground and work hard.
Dream is the motivation. Unleash our potential and will to act with our dreams.
Passion is work attitude. Only by keeping a beating heart and constant energy can we triumph in our daily work and life.
Creativity is a way of thinking, making us to think outside the box and dare to do what can’t be done to lead the industry.

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