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CFP’s Credit Policy to Help to Resume Work and Production


  Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, CFP Finance has kept abreast with the epidemic updates and actively responded to the state’s call for further alleviate small and middle-sized companies’ difficulties to resume work and production by launching special credit policies.

  I. Multiple measures taken to ensure issuing loans

  After the Spring Festival holiday, in order to continuously maintain epidemic prevention, CFP Finance turns on the Work From Home mode and conduct a couple of measures like office sterilization and social distancing. All staff can keep up with clients’ needs through phone calls, WeChat and video meetings to timely adjust credit extension plans, so as to help clients alleviate the impact brought by the epidemic. To help companies resume work and production, CFP Finance helps those needed lower financing costs by reducing costs by lowering loan interest rates, postponing interest charge, reducing or waiving overdue interest, and accepting customers’ deferred repayment applications. Among all policies, the interest rate will be cut up by 20%, which will help 138 borrowers reduce interest payment about 5.68 million yuan.

  II. Enlarge credit expansion for key industries

  Lending officers will screen and contact clients who produce and sell epidemic prevention, medical products, and daily supplies to see if they have loan demands. If they do, we will prioritize such clients and speed up the loan-issuing process. For those clients deeply affected by the epidemic, being those in the engineering construction, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism industries, we will check out the problems they have and capital placement, offering assistance accordingly. As of March 4, CFP Finance has handled a total of 10 loan business and issued a sum of 22.9 million yuan.

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