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A Battle in a Foshan’s Community Against COVID-19


  “Hello, please show me your Pass. Thanks.”

  “Of course.”

  “See you, have a good day.”

  “Good job! Thank you.”

  At the entrance and exit of the community, after checking the pass and body temperature, Li Sen, a resident in this community, returned to his home located in Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan, and sent his gratitude to the security guard.

  In the past month, such dialogues and scenes have been circulated every day. Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 found in the community on February 1, the battle against this epidemic has raged on for a whole month, with nearly 8,000 residents joining this “war”.

  A month later, the staff guarding the community are still standing by, while residents have recovered from early anxiety and fully worked with the staff for epidemic prevention, gradually having their old and peaceful lives back again.

Staff sanitizing the community

The Party members having a meeting

  The community panics as a confirmed case is found

  Yicui Xinyuan Estate is a residential community in Nanhai District, Foshan. Yet, after a confirmed case was found in this community, the lives of the 8,000 residents here changed dramatically.

  Li Sen still remembered that day that the confirmed case was found. It was February 1.

  He got the news from the WeChat Group of the residents in this community. On that day, he found that his own community was confirmed to be one of the residential communities to have a COVID-19 confirmed case in Foshan.

  A confirmed case in his own community!

  The news exploded in the community immediately, triggering lots of worries and panics.

  Many residents showed up in the WeChat Group, asking questions like “which block does the confirmed case live in”, “how many residents need to be quarantined”, and “where have the confirmed case been to”.

  Li Sen was freaked out as messages kept popping out.

  Like many others, Li was worried if he would have already got infected when strolling in the garden of the community. At the same time, his friends and relatives were calling him to check out if he’s fine.

  Li felt even more panic.

  “It’s so unreal that things happening on the news suddenly came to me.” Hong Shan, who lives in the community with her family, was astonished.

2,413 households in this community; 98% occupancy rate

  Epidemic-prevention measures upgraded as 66 households isolated

  On February 1, the staff of Nenking Property was buzzing around the community.

  Seeing the vehicle of CDC rushing in and out, Jiang Xiaohua, manager of the community property, was quite intense as she realized her scope of work was about to change. “More work need to be done, like upgrading epidemic-prevention measures and calming down the residents here in this community.”

  Despite the fact that this was an “imported” case, all the residents here would still harness the highest level of epidemic-prevention measures.

  Nenking Property initiated epidemic-prevention plan and organized an emergency meeting as the confirmed case was found. As a result, higher level of sanitation was conducted and all residents in the community were noticed that the prevention measures would be upgraded. Jiang Xiaohua said, they already made some plans on the second day of the Lunar Chinese New Year for situations like this.

  Moreover, per CDC’s request, the block that the confirmed case lived in was needed to be isolated. “Many residents didn’t understand such a measure as we announced it. And some already started going to work.”

  There were 23 floors and 66 households in the isolated block. Jiang and his team paid visit to every household and explained why residents there needed to be quarantined, and that was nothing terrifying but just for the sake of themselves and neighbors. Nenking Property would help those who were isolated to purchase daily supplies and provide home delivery service.

  In the meantime, 8 more staff were appointed specifically to handle the sanitation, garbage collection, goods distribution and delivery service. Securities were set to particularly stand by for everything needed to be dealt with in this block.

  More and more residents began to understand why they needed to be isolated, some even self-mocked by saying that “we are isolated, but we are safer here than those out there.”

Staff of Nenking Property sanitizing the community

  Information transparency is reassuring

  Jiang noted that it’s quite normal that residents had worries and doubts. But they needed to regularly sanitize the public space and conduct body temperature check. They ensured all the information were transparent as they showed what the team have done day by day and more importantly, telling the residents that they were well protected.

  Information transparency could ease residents’ mind. Jiang was aware of that, and hence he started the “daily briefing”.

  The first briefing was released on February 3, displaying information including the latest updates, daily epidemic-prevention measures, public space sanitization and key areas to be sanitized. Pictures were also attached in the briefing.

  The latest briefing announced a piece of reassuring news: the confirmed case has been cured on February 27, and he was now sent to further isolated for 14 days.

  Many residents, including Song Shan, developed a habit of reading the day briefing.

  The Property would timely display many contents in the briefing, so that residents could keep abreast with the health conditions of their neighbors, and know how many residents have been checked their body temperature. For instance, from Feb 25 to 28, there were 20,757 times of body temperature checks conducted, averaging about 5,189 times a day.

  “Information transparency allows us to see if there is any case around and what to be precautioned, which is reassuring.” said Li Sen.

  On February 16, 66 households in the community officially finished isolation without a hitch.

The daily briefing released by the community office

  The Party members combat at the frontline

  Luckily, though there is a confirmed case in the community, there is no further epidemic spread.

  During this battle, a team formed by Party members gave more confidence to the staff and residents.

  “I volunteer to join the combat against COVID-19 epidemic without fear and flinch, and spare no efforts to finish the mission.” With this vow, all Party members signed up and teamed up, including managers of the property company as well as ex-soldiers. Till the seventh day of Lunar Chinese New Year, all 33 senior managers of the property company assembled to make plans for epidemic prevention and control.

The team formed by Party members

  Li En, Party branch secretary of Nenking Property, mentioned that they intent to show residents here that proactive precaution truly worked. Also, they would take care of those who were isolated and provide home delivery service accordingly. Li stressed that information transparency was the priority as it could wipe out any doubt.

  The team formed by Party members and managers of Nenking Property fought at the frontline, which gave more confidence to the rest epidemic-prevention staff that they would win at last.

  Li also said that at the very beginning, it’s understandable that some staff were unwilling to sanitize the isolated block because it’s dangerous out there. At this crucial moment, he took the lead to conduct the sanitation, and educated the staff on related work.

  Since the implementation of epidemic-prevention measures, there have been over 1,000 posters made, over 3,000 WeChat posts delivered, 52 banners hung, over 400,000 times of body temperature check conducted, over 200,000 square meters of public areas sanitized and nearly 700,000 yuan invested.

  Security guards received milk from residents via “contactless delivery”

  The epidemic once panicked the Yicui Xinyuan community. But soon, the service staff and the Party members spared no efforts to turn thing around, making the epidemic a good thing to glue everyone in this community together.

  Residents here often gave the security guards at the entrance smiles, despite the fact that they wore a mask. They would also help the guards out if there was anyone refusing to cooperate.

  “I once told those who refused to cooperate that the guards could let you pass, but you would put lots of us in danger if there was something wrong with you. You couldn’t turn down someone who was helping you out just because you felt bothered.” Li Sen said.

  The community office also received bunches of materials aided by the residents, including thermometers, masks, disinfectant and disposable gloves, to further help the community fight against the epidemic.

  Above all, service staff at the frontline received some daily supplies from residents in the community. Xu Gang, leader of the security guards of Yicui Xinyuan, told the reporter that he was quite impressed and touched that a resident pulled his car over, dropped the goods for us and drove away. We found milk and fast noodles in that box.”

Staff checking residents’ body temperature

  After this Spring Festival, some will stay home more as they worry about the epidemic, while some have to work overtime to protect more people.

  Meanwhile, residents living in a community that has no cases will expect it stays this way, while residents living with cases around have to cooperate with epidemic-prevention measures to get their normal lives back.

  Facing the epidemic situation, everyone is working hard to conquer it.

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