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Party Members of Nenking Property Are Anti-Epidemic Pioneers


  Practice the Party’s people-centered spirit during the epidemic

  Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee of Nenking Property has formed a Party member pioneer team for epidemic prevention. 6 Party members, 5 Party activists and 33 senior managers of the company immediately gathered together at the frontline to carry out various anti-epidemic measures, thereby protecting the lives of over 20,000 families in this community.

  1. Make vows to protect our homeland

  Where there is an epidemic, there is an order to fight against it.Party members assembled! Follow the Party’s lead!

   “Brothers, we are all Party members, and we all serve for Nenking Group. Where there is an epidemic, there is an order to fight against it. It’s our responsibility to prevent and control it.” said Li En, Party branch secretary of the company. He mentioned that the team needed to practice the Party’s people-centered spirit and rush to the frontline, making full preparations and fighting for the best result to capture the victory of this anti-epidemic battle.

  2. Staying true to our founding mission

  “Count me in!” all Party members of the company signed and made firm vows to join the anti-epidemic pioneer team. Among them, Li Boyi, an ex-soldier who could have stayed with his family and kids, asked for joining the team without hesitation. “Though I have retired for 25 years, I still got that fighting spirit inside of me, and I’m gonna use it to combat this virus!” said Li. As a well-seasoned fighter in the army, he showed the Party’s original aspiration and responsibility.

  The comrades of Nenking Property did practice their vows in this anti-epidemic fight: conducted strict access control for residents and vehicles; shut down almost all entrances and placed health stations for body temperature check; grasped all information of the residents; provided caring service to those who were isolated; informed all residents with up-to-date epidemic-prevention information via WeChat; carried out thorough sanitations and eased residents’ mind.

  3. Have faith, work together and never say never

  After Guangdong provincial Party committee issued an order to spare no efforts to protect the safety of all people in the residential communities, Nenking Property has been determined to obey the order and unite together to triumph in this battle against the epidemic. With the pioneer team’s lead, Yicui community office has taken a couple of measures to finish its mission:

  · Put up over 1,000 posters

  · Pushed over 3,000 WeChat notifications

  · Hung 52 banners

  · Conducted over 400,000 times of body temperature check for residents

  · Sanitized public areas of over 200,000㎡ per day

  · Invested nearly 700,000 yuan in a month for epidemic prevention and control

  As a modernized service enterprise, Nenking Property manifested its political stance, ideological understanding and spirituality under the central government’s lead, serving the Party with royalty and taking responsibilities for the people to defeat the epidemic.

  Let us have faith, work together and never say we make it till we capture the ultimate win. Let us practice the Party’s spirit for the people and fight hard against the epidemic!

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