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Nenking Property Safeguards Its Residents


  The COVID-19 pandemic at the very beginning of 2020 upsets us all.

  At this critical moment, a group of people keep working day and night instead of going back to hometown for family reunion. It is them who guard at the frontline in the community to protect the health and safety of all residents.

  Protect service members first

  During the early stage of the epidemic outbreak, Nenking Property takes prompt actions and forms a squad for epidemic prevention. At the same time, it is required that all service member receive temperature check and wear masks every day before they start working.

  Secure the perimeter of the community

  Nenking Property arranges a group of watchkeepers at the front gate to conduct temperature check for the residents of the community, so as to screen any suspect cases.

  Conduct thorough sterilizations

  Prevention is of great importance when it comes to epidemic fighting. Thus, the sanitation and sterilization of the community is the top priority in this battle against the virus.

  Entrances, sports facilities, lobbies, door handles, lift cabinets and buttons and underground parking lot have been thoroughly sterilized every day to keep all residents safe and sound.

  Make sure every corner is clean

  Nenking Property also sterilizes all garbage, particularly conducting special treatment on wasted masks to avoid secondary pollution.

  Promote epidemic-prevention knowledge

  Send out leaflets to publicize the epidemic updates and prevention tips to the community residents.

  Provide home delivery service

  During the epidemic, staff of Nenking Property are proactive to provide home delivery service to ensure daily demand of residents in the community and make them feel at ease to stay home.

  We thank each and every house owner of Yicui Estate for their unyielding support, and we will always stay by your side.

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