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Academician Li to Send the 2nd Batch of Medical Kit to Medics


  Due to the fact that medics in Leqing city wear protective suits, masks and goggles for a long time, their faces are left with a couple of indentations, and some are even bruised. People call these wounds “angels’ marks”.

  On March 2, 2020, Li Xiaokun, president of Wenzhou Medical University, launches a charity program with his team, Chen Chong Charity Studio and Wenzhou Shuguang Hospital to send out the second batch of medical kits for the medics in Leqing People’s Hospital, so as to protect them against the virus.

  Working at the isolation ward, medics are like soldiers on the battleground who need to be fully armed. Yet wearing that many protective gears make them hard to move freely and the indentations on their face are afflictive. Can Can, a nurse serving at the isolation ward at Leqing People’s hospital, takes many selfies like this on her phone.

  It can be seen that her face is full of marks left by wearing goggles and mask. Some skins are bruised and painful. If she has to go back working at the ward before those wounds are recovered, she would feel more suffering as she must wear mask and goggles again.

  We learn that there are over 300 medics at Leqing People’s Hospital at most taking care of patients all day. As of now, there are more than 40 medics left in the isolation ward. Almost all of them have had “angels’ masks” and they stand a high risk of getting infected if skins are bruised. Fortunately, Li Xiaokun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of Wenzhou Medical University and pharmaceutical expert, realizes this situation.

  Being a bio-pharmaceutical scientist that probes into medicines for wound healing and tissue regeneration, Li has been concerned about the safety of these medics. The charity program he launches this time contains a series of medical kits, including Gaifu spray, hydrocolloid bandage and skincare paste. The FGFs that academician Li develops was awarded the second prize of National Technology Invention Award, as well as the second prize of National Technological Progress Awards. To be more specific, Gaifu uses its peptide substance to facilitate neuro repair and organ regeneration.

  In the afternoon on March 2, Can Can is super excited to receive Li’s medical kit. Moreover, Li explains how to use Gaifu in the right way. The medicines in this kit can fix the above-mentioned “angels’ marks” and further prevent bacteria.

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