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Longtime’s Safeguarding Medical Workers in the COVID-19 Combat


  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Nenking Group has kept abreast with the updates of the pandemic, making use of its own resources to help fight against the virus. Longtime Pharmaceutical, a branch company of Nenking, donates a batch of medicines (majorly FGF, also known as Gaifu) for the medical workers who combat the pandemic to cure their scars on the face.

  Contents below are written by Longtime Pharmaceutical:

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical workers have been at the very frontline fighting against the virus day and night. In the recent days, we’ve seen a couple of pictures of those medics online, whose faces astonished us.

  Medics, if wearing protective glasses, masks and sterile gloves for a long time, will have decrustation, indentation, erythema, ulceration and allergies as their skins are stressed and hermetical. And if skins are partially ruptured, medics will get exposed and are very likely to get infected. Therefore, to help medics handle the above situation, Longtime donates a batch of medicines (majorly FGF, also known as Gaifu®) to the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, and arranges a special vehicle to deliver the goods to the destination in 24 hours.

  As a hi-tech enterprise specializing in wound healing, Longtime Pharmaceutical specializes in Fibroblast Growth Factors (as known as Gaifu®), a featured product of the company and a new drug (category I) of the state. It has extensive biological functions to cure ruptures, wounds and scars, decontaminate injury surface and reducing chance of getting infection in a faster and more efficient way. After the outbreak of the pandemic, Longtime has organized reproduction of the medicine to stabilize its market supply, so as to safeguard the medical workers in the battlefield.

  You protect this world, while I protect you. Use Gaifu to fix your wounds. Safe and sound.

  Longtime is willing to safeguard the health of medical workers and make its own contributions by donating medicines to this anti-pandemic battle. Any hospital, if needed, can scan the code below to register relevant info. Longtime will verify it and then send out the goods as soon as possible.

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