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Light Up Canton Tower to Salute Medical Workers


  Since March 20, the themed event, named “Your Name, Our Glory”, and guided by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and launched by the Guangzhou Daily, has light up the night of the city. The names and photos of 2,484 medical workers, who were previously sent to aid the medical treatment in Hubei Province, were lightened on every landmark building in Guangzhou to pay the highest tribute to their heroic deed in fighting against the pandemic.

  For this kind of tribute, distinguished researcher Rao yuansheng from Guangzhou Development Research Institute of Guangzhou University, Ou Kaiming, chairman of Guangzhou Dramatists Association, national moral model Zhao Guangjun, Heng Yifeng and Yao Tianyi, players from Team Times Guangzhou of CBA (China men’s professional basketball league), also came to Guangzhou Broadcasting Center and watched Canton Tower lighting up the list of medical workers, so as to remember their enormous contributions.

  Heng Yifeng, player from Team Times Guangzhou of CBA:

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have kept abreast with the relevant news reports of Guangzhou Daily. Being in Guangzhou was actually very safe. We followed all the guidelines of the Team Times Guangzhou and medical workers to protect ourselves and family. I was really touched when learning the medical workers’ contribution on the frontline of the battle against the pandemic. Thank you very much for watching us. As a professional basketball player, I also hope to go back playing basketball as soon as possible. When the CBA resumes, Team Times Guangzhou welcomes all medical workers to watch our games on site. We wish to have the opportunity to pay tribute to you all.

  The “Your Name, Our Glory” tribute event expresses the Guangzhou citizens’ appreciation upon the medical workers. Again, I am so shocked when watching all these names displayed on Canton Tower. We thank all the medical workers again for your dedication, contribution and persistence, which I believe will further inspire people of the other industries.

  Yao Tianyi, player from Team Times Guangzhou of CBA:

  We are stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic unpreparedly. At first, we didn’t know what happened or what to do till the academician Zhong Nanshan gave us guidance about how to conduct personal protection to avoid the spread of the virus. I am very impressed by the professionalism of the medical workers as there are more than 2,000 of them in Guangdong who rushed to the frontline to back up Hubei. “Your name, our glory” is a magnificent way to pay tribute to them. I believe that Guangzhou citizens can deeply remember the heroic deed of medical staff in this pandemic.

  Lighting up names on Canton Tower is a collective honor

  “Stay home during this Spring Festival, and wear a mask if going out for daily supply shopping. Stay alert as the victory is in sight! Keep on fighting for each other!” During the Spring Festival, Rao yuansheng, distinguished researcher of Guangzhou Development Research Institute of Guangzhou University, director general of Guangzhou Folk Culture Institute, recorded this pithy formula for the citizens of Guangzhou.

Rao Yuansheng

  A few days ago, Rao Yuansheng went to Guangzhou Broadcasting Center to check out the list of medical workers that was displayed on the Canton Tower. He wrote a post on Friends Circle, recalling the story back in 2003, when the medical workers in Guangzhou fought against SARS.

  In 2003, Rao Yuansheng worked as a media professional and witnessed how medical staff fought against the SARS epidemic in Guangzhou; in 2020, when COVID-19 epidemic broke out, those medical workers went to war again, yet changing their battlefield to Hubei. “The medical staff in Guangdong are very real and accountable when it comes to major events. When they encounter something bad, they don’t think about it a lot, and they just rush ahead to protect us. This has never changed. Medical workers always fulfill their responsibilities again and again.”

  Guangzhou has long been a city of heroes. Cantonese often talk less but act more. The themed event this time collectively shows all the names of 2,484 medical workers.

  In Rao’s view, lighting up those names on Canton Tower means a lot. It is a collective honor. “This is a display of a ‘collectivity’s name’, and a general appreciation upon all medical workers in Guangdong. The event also reminds us that it’s time for us to give our gratitude to them.” said Rao, taking out his cellphone to record the moment when receiving the interview. He kept saying a word, “remember”. We must remember medical workers’ sacrifice to combat the virus.

  A creative tribute is necessary

  Ou Kaiming, chairman of Guangzhou Dramatists Association, says that this tribute event is very necessary. “There has to be a tribute, and we should pay one in deed. It’s really creative.” said Ou.

Picture presented by the interviewee

  Ou Kaiming has been a Cantonese opera actor for decades. In the past Spring Festivals, Ou spent his holiday giving out performances. This year, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Ou has no choice staying at home for the first time, which made him feel quite “helpless”. During his staying at home, Ou learned from various sources that Guangdong medical staff were duty-bound to aid Hubei, which made him very moved. “Those ‘Fight Requests’ are really touching.”

  After the outbreak of COVID-19, although Ou couldn’t get to the frontline of the battle like the medical staff, he somehow wanted to express his appreciation to those who were fighting in the battlefield. “I want to express my support for them. Each one of us should pay attention to this event. Although I am just a literary and art worker, I can’t go to the battlefield like a medical worker, but I can cheer up for them through my works.” Thus, after returning to Guangzhou, Ou successively composed and recorded songs such as Unsung Heroes and Salute to 2020 China during his days of staying at home, so as to pay the highest tribute to the medical workers.

  Getting names displayed on Canton Tower is an honor

  Zhao Guangjun, a national moral model in Guangzhou, is from Jianli, Hubei province. Therefore, he was more touched by the aid delivered by Guangdong medical staff to support Hubei. “I saw a lot of medical staff going to Hubei, I admire them in my heart, they are the heroes of the time. I was thinking at that time, if I was one of them, I can do something for my hometown.” Zhao also wrote a request for battle to join the fight against the pandemic. Later, He stayed in Guangzhou and provided volunteer service for those in need. He also invited doctors and nurses from various hospitals in Guangzhou to the live broadcast room to tell the stories of their colleagues who fought hard against the virus.

  Learning the tribute event, Zhao said that getting your names displayed on the Canton Tower is an honor. “I am so proud of all the medical workers and their families!” In spite of the great danger of getting infected, many medical workers never back down. “We all need to pay tribute to them.”

(Pics and videos from Guangzhou Daily. Original contents have been modified)

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