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Guangzhou Beats Suzhou with 3 Career-highs


  On July 16, during the 2nd phase of the 2019-2020 season regular games resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic, Guangzhou beat Suzhou by 107-100. Guo Kai dropped a career-high 23 points while Marcus Hunt finished the game with his first triple-double in his career, delivering totally 11 assists, a career high for him as well. Chen Yingjun grabbed 11 rebounds, which was also a new high in his career. At 19:35, July 18, Guangzhou will battle against Beijing Ducks.

  Starting Lineup

  Team Guangzhou:Chen Yingjun Tian Yuheng Marcus Hunt Guo Kai Zhang Yongpeng

  Team Jiangsu:Antonio Blakeney Wang Hong Liu Yuxuan Huang Rongqi Wu Guanxi


  5 double-figures in the team: Hunt with 30pts, 12rebs and 11asts; Guo Kai with 23pts and 8rebs; Zheng Zhun with 20pts and 9rebs; Chen Yingjun with 14pts and 11rebs; Si Kun with 14pts.

(Data source by Best Data)

  Game Recap

  In the 1st quarter, Guangzhou made a statement at both ends of the floor as Kuo Gai scored 7 points in a row and Zhang Yongpeng delivered a chase-down block in the transition. With 3 threes from Hunt, Chen Yingjun and Yao Tianyi, Guangzhou was trailed by 2 at the end of the quarter.

  Both teams continued the battle as the 2nd quarter began. Hunt nailed an “AND ONE” and Kuo Gai made an astonishing blockshot. Yet later, Guangzhou was bogged down offensively and fell more behind. Fortunately, Zhen Zhun made a response soon with a cut-in layup, a midrange jump shot and an offensive rebound to narrow the gap. And with Hunt’s tough layup, Guangzhou was ahead in the 1st half.

  Back in the 2nd half, Si Kun put in a three ball and two midrange jumpers as a start. Meanwhile, Kai Guo continued firing up with 4 points in a row. Guangzhou grabbed key offensive rebounds in this quarter and kept the lead.

  In the 4th quarter, Guangzhou, again, was offensively blacked out and outscored by Suzhou. But our players found their shooting stroke back after a timeout as Guo Kai and Hunt rose up in the paint and Si Kun and Zhen Zhun help the team back on track with 2 threes. Though Jiangsu fought back down the stretch, Guangzhou finally captured the win.

  Game Highlights

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