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Municipal Sports Bureau to Visit Loong Lions


  On July 16, 2020, Director Yang Weiguo, and Deputy Director Zhang Hongjia of Yuexiu Culture, Radio and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau paid a visit to Tianhe Sports Stadium for inspection on Loong Lions Basketball Club. Chen Qing, President of Business Operation, and Cai Wei, Vice President of Business Operation of Loong Lions, took the reception.

  During the inspection, staff from Loong Lions introduced the main facilities of the stadium to the leaders from the bureau, while President Chen embraced the inspection by briefly presenting the development status of Loong Lions in recent years, and elaborating the future plan for the club.

  Yang Weiguo and Zhang Jiahong gave full credit for the club’s business layout, achievements as well as what it has done for the municipal culture and sports. They also looked forward to Loong Lions’ future plan. “Yuexiu District, being a national sports model base, is now promoting a pattern that combines sports and education”, said Director Yang, who also hoped that Loong Lions could make more contributions to the basketball development of Guangzhou and wish there would be a win-win cooperation that led both to a new stage in the “sports+” model.

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