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Guangzhou Got a Two-game Winning Streak against Liaoning


  On June 23, during the 1st phase of the 2019-2020 season regular games resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic, Guangzhou defeated Liaoning by 106-102, winning 2 games in a row. Chen Yingjun and Marcus Hunt both got 29 points, while Hunt also grabbed 15 rebounds, a new high in his career. At 15:30pm on June 25, Guangzhou will wrestle with Nanjing.

  Starting Lineup

  Team Guangzhou:Chen Yingjun Si Kun Marcus Hunt Guo Kai Sun Mingyang

  Team Liaoning:Guo Ailun Zhao Jiwei OJ Mayo He Tianju Han Dejun


  Hunt with 29pts, 15rebs, 4asts, 2stls and 3blks; Chen Yingjun with 29pts, 6rebs and 8asts; Zheng Zhun with 19pts (made 5 threes); Guo Kai with 10pts and 8rebs; Si Kun with 9pts.

(Data source by Best Data)

  Game Recap

  Chen Yingjun got 2 baskets in a row as a start in the 1st quarter, and later, Hunt and Guo Kai scored 2 points respectively, making an 8-0 run. Though Liaoning made a timeout, Guangzhou continued the streak with Si Kun’s back-to-back three pointers and chase-down blocks by Hunt and Sun Mingyang. At the end of the quarter, Guangzhou got 30 points with multiple players scoring on the floor, leading by 12.

  Guangzhou’s still red-hot at the beginning of the 2nd quarter as Zheng Zhun’s 2 threes kept the team a double-digit lead. Though Liaoning got some free-throw opportunities later, Zheng Zhun stood out again with a midrange shot and a three pointer to help the team. Apart from Zheng, Chen Yingjun, Liu Fengbo and Hunt played tremendously on both ends of the floor. However, Guangzhou missed some shots at the end of the quarter and tied the game against Liaoning with Sun Mingyang’s three ball.

  The 2nd half began with the team’s scoring streak. Guo Kai made some contributions both defensively and offensively. He blocked a three by Liaoning and then got an “AND ONE”. Also, Hunt drew some fouls and nailed a buzzer-beater three. Guangzhou led by only 1 point at the end of the 3rd quarter.

  In the 4th quarter, both teams were on fire. Offensively, Chen Yingjun got a three and a tough two, while Zheng Zhun made 2 trifectas in a row; the lead changed constantly. Defensively, Guangzhou smothered the opponent’s layup twice. With Chen’s bank shot and Guo’s offensive rebound, Guangzhou led by 6 and secured the deficit in the final minutes, achieving a two-game winning streak in the regular games resumed after the pandemic.

  Game Highlights

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