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Longtime to Donate Gaifu for Healing the Wounded in an Explosion


  On June 13, there was an explosion in Wenling-Daxi section, Shenhai Highway, leading to massive house collapses nearby. Till 22:00pm, the accident has caused 10 deaths and 117 wounded (40 in critical condition). After getting the picture of the accident, Longtime reached out to Academician Li Xiaokun, who joined hands with Wenzhou Medical University to donate a batch of Gaifu to Wenling hospital, for fixing the wounds of those injured.

  Academician Li, inventor of Gaifu, arrived at Wenzhou First People’s Hospital (i.e. Wenling Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University) at 7:00PM on June 14. He joined the expert team of Wenzhou Medical Hospital to treat the injured from the explosion, and then learned some detailed information on seriously-burned patients. Academician Li encouraged medical workers to heal the wounded and rescue the dying with their expertise and medical resources, for doing the best to save every wounded personnel was their responsibility.

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