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Loong Lions

  On September 1, 2017, Loong Lions Basketball Club Co., Ltd. was officially listed in the NEEQ with the stock code of 871888. Since then, Loong Lions has become the first CBA club ever to get listed in the stock market and thus kicks off China's basketball marketization. Besides playing regular CBA games, the club also organizes various basketball campaigns during the off season every year. Loong Lions, based in Guangzhou and Foshan, will further internationalize, professionalize and marketize its operation philosophy with the enormous market capacity in this region. Moreover, it will keep upgrading relevant products and services by learning from NBA clubs and sports arenas, so as to create a new pattern and development path for China's sports industry.

  On September 12, 2018, the Naming & Cooperation Ceremony between Loong Lions Basketball Club and Times China was held in Guangzhou. The team was officially renamed as Team Guangzhou, Times China.

  On December, 2018, the International Sports & Cultural Center, which is the new home arena of Team Guangzhou, Times China in Foshan division, was officially unveiled and launched.

  On May 1, 2019, Loong Lions Basketball Club officially started to operate Tianhe Sports Center, which makes it the first club in the CBA to directly operate the home arena.

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