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First Capital Securities Co., Ltd.

   First Capital Securities Co., Ltd. (“First Capital Securities” for short), also previously known as Foshan Securities LLC., was established in April, 1993 with the approval of People’s Bank of China. In July, 2002, the company was moved to Shenzhen and renamed as First Capital Securities LLC. In February 2012, after the approval by China Securities Regulatory Commission, First Capital Securities LLC. was renamed as First Capital Securities Co., Ltd.. At present, First Capital Securities has 1,626 employees, including 40 administrative staff, 1,149 business specialists and researchers, along with 437 staff for business support and financial settlement. And of all the employees, 17 are doctors, 339 are masters, and 771 are undergraduates.

  Since its establishment, First Capital Securities has won multiple qualifications and honors: the first batch of sponsor institutes in China for securities issuance and listing, the first batch of pilot and sponsor institutes in China for equity division reform, the executive member of Securities Association of China, and vice chairman of Shenzhen Securities Association. From 2004 to 2008, First Capital Securities has been ranking top 5 for consecutively 5 years in terms of its immediate transaction volume, and awarded “Excellent Trade Member” of Inter-bank Bond Market, “Top 100 Securities Companies of Trading Volume” and “Top 100 Active Securities Companies” for years in a row.

  In November, 2015, according to the official news of China Securities Regulatory Commission, First Capital Securities’ IPO application was verified and approved by the issuance examination commission of the main board. This IPO was planned to issue 219 million shares, making up 10% of the total 2.189 billion shares. Nenking Group is currently the major shareholder of First Capital Securities.

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The official website of First Capital Securities: http://www.firstcapital.com.cn/

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