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Will Foshan’s Housing Price Drop?

From:LeJu  Time:2017-08-06

  Recently, the housing price is going up and down, which puzzles many of us. So, many people wonder if the housing price in Foshan will drop. Unfortunately, we help you make a summary, indicating that the price will not fall.

  1.The skyrocketing land value

  Data shows that in the first half of this year, the land prices in the five districts of Foshan have increased significantly. Chancheng, Nanhai, and Shunde districts have always been hot spots.

Data source: Foshan Zhongyuan Real Estate

 2.More property developers coming in

In the first half of this year, there are also a number of new faces, such as Jinhui and Shimao Real Estate developers, are landing in Foshan to flex their muscles.

  The picture displays that the most of the Top 100 real estate companies choose Foshan as their first step to conquer the Pearl River Delta region.

Data source: Foshan Zhongyuan Real Estate

  In the first half of this year, Foshan became the preferred city for developers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, followed by Guangzhou and Shenzhen. This proves that developers are optimistic about the Foshan market and have full confidence in Foshan.  

  3.Foshan is the core in the Greater Bay Area

  Obviously, Foshan is located in the central area of the Greater Bay Area, and its economic power ranks among the top cities within this region, making Foshan more competitive. Moreover, the population, capital, and information push the city forward.

The city cluster in the Greater Bay Area

  In terms of land market, Foshan is the first choice of real estate developers. What about the new housing deals made in the past few years?

  In 2016, there were only 3 cities that sold over 10 million square meters of houses in the Greater Bay Area.

  Foshan, in particular, sold 19.0836 million square meters of new houses, which topped the list among the 9 cities in this region. Guangzhou and Zhongshan came second and third respectively.

  In the first half of 2017, Foshan's new house sales area reached 6.6245 million square meters, leading 9 cities in the Greater Bay Area as well!

New house sales area in the first half in 2016-2017

  Isn’t that obvious that who enjoys a better development in the 9 cities?

  4.Guangzhou citizens back up the price

  In the first half of 2017, the new house deals made in Foshan reached 56,651 sets, hitting a total amount of 66 million. Specifically, Guangzhou citizens bought 20,960 sets, accounting for 37%.

Data source: Foshan Zhongyuan Real Estate

  Thanks to Guangzhou, Foshan’s areas sold in the first half ranked 6th nationwide, leading Guangzhou but second to Shanghai.

Data source: Foshan Zhongyuan Real Estate

  More surprisingly, in the confidence index tendency for new houses in GuangFo areas, Foshan surpasses Guangzhou and Shenzhen by 63.49%, becoming the most favorable city of the house buyers.

Data source: Foshan Zhongyuan Real Estate

  5.Foshan has its advantage

  The latest data shows that Foshan has it price advantage compared with other districts in Guangzhou, which is only 1/3 of that in Guangzhou.

Data source: Foshan Jingwei(2017.7.24~7.30)

  6.More metros to be built

  Foshan will have the following metro lines in future 5 years:

  ●Phase 1 of Line 2

  ●Line 3

  ●Shunde section of Guangzhou Line 7

  ●GuangFo Intercity Railway (Foshanxi to Guangzhounan)

  ●FoZhao Intercity Railway


  Phase 3 of Line1, Phase 2 of Line 2, Phase 1 of Line 4,

  Line 9, Line 11 and Line 13 are about to be built.

Source: Foshan Daily

  Transportation is also a vital key to push the development.

  As the saying goes, Metro is Gold!

  The housing prices will rise in which a metro line is built.

  7.Buy a house to be a Foshan citizen

Since last June, Foshan has announced that those who buy a house here can get a household registered.

  As long as you have a real estate certificate, you can register your household in Foshan, which means so more.

  The market and demand are always joining hands together.

  And this is a key factor why the housing price maintains a certain level.

  That is all for today.

  Last but not least, a few words for you:

  Buy a house today if you can, or the price tomorrow will leave you behind!

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