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Feel the Charge! Nenking Launches GZ Charge

From:Nenking Group  Time:2018-10-09

  On November 9, 2018, Nenking Group launched GZ Charge, its own Overwatch League team, in Guangzhou, China.

  “GZ Charge is the first-ever e-sports team of Guangzhou. We hope to share our team mentality and the city spirit with our fans, and navigate GZ Charge to a bright future.” said Zhong Naixiong, executive president of Nenking Group, who was so proud to launch the team and join the OWL global family.

  “We name it ‘Charge’ as it interprets our vision. We want to be the spearhead of China’s e-sports industry, so we assemble the team that dares to take the lead.” said Sonny Xiao, CEO of GZ Charge, when asked why they chose “Charge” as the team name.

  The home region that GZ Charge stands for includes cities within the Greater Bay Area. The squad will join OWL in the 2019 season as a team of the Pacific Division.

  “We want to build a far-reaching organization and fanbase. That’s why we create a logo featured with Guangzhou that’s visibly recognized. We got inspired by logos of some sports clubs. It simply represents the city of Guangzhou with two letters.” Chris Hwang, marketing creative director of GZ Charge, said when explaining the team logo. “We have a vast home region, extending from coasts to mountains. Thus, our logo is colored with ocean blue, sky blue and mountain green. We’re so thrilled to interpret all of these elements to our fans, and forge a brand that our home fans can be proud of. This is, for now, our mission.”

  Please stay tuned for more brand information on Weibo, WeChat, Twitter @GZCharge, and fb.me/GZCharge on Facebook.

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