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KSA's Ajlan & Bros Visits Nenking

From:Nenking Group  Time:2019-05-01

  During April 27 to 28, 2019, Nenking Group has a distinguished guest, the Ajlan & Bros from the Middle East, who will visit Nenking’s projects in Guangzhou and Foshan.

  The family members of Ajlan & Bros who come to visit Nenking include Mr.Abdulaziz Alajlan, Mr.Sheikh Ajlan, Mr. Mohamed Alaljan; and management leaders: Mr.Mohammad Alkhas, Mr.Mohamad Itani, Mr.Hamzah Abboud, and Mr.Edison Gao.

  In the evening of April 27, the Ajlan delegation joined Paul Wong & Yip Sai Wing’s IMPULSE Concert, which was held in the International Sports & Cultural Center. They were electrified by the rock band and the passionate crowd there.

(Yes Shirong&Huang Guanzhong-Impulse Effect Concert)

  The next day, the delegation paid a visit to Yicui Riviera, Yicui Kensington, the training center of Loong Lions Basketball Club, the International Sports & Cultural Center, and Tianhe Sports Stadium.

(The Ajlan delegation visiting Nenking’s projects)

  Later, Nenking displayed its expertise during a meeting with Ajlan & Bros. It turned out that the delegation really admired Nenking’s vision and insight in the sports industry, and they were amazed by how diversified Nenking’s doing right now. Meanwhile, Ajlan & Bros also introduced the 2030 Vision of KSA to Nenking, expecting to join hands with us in multiple ways in the future.

(The Ajlan delegation and Nenking team)

  About Ajlan & Bros:

  Ajlan & Bros is an integrated group with international channels. It is monopolistic in the consumer goods field, particularly in Saudi Arabic’s traditional clothes market. At present, the Ajlan & Bros is possessing huge real estate properties worldwide and investing financial assets in more than 25 countries. The Ajlan is one of the richest families around the Arab world, ranking 5th among all the wealthy families in the Arab, according to Forbes 2017.

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