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The Riviera, Starting at RMB 590,000!

From:jiwu  Time:2019-09-28

  What does it feel like to have your own house in GuangFo area, a half-an-hour circle between your home and workplace?

  At 7 in the morning, a cup of coffee and a mile’s jogging; at 8:30, start your car and enjoy the music by Jay Chou; at 9:00, turn on your computer and meet guests;

  At 18:00, you return home by the pink sunset; at 18:30, enjoy your family time; at 20:00, you can walk your dog or do yoga at the gym after you kids fall asleep...

  Within this circle, you don’t have to get up too early to take metros, or drag yourself back home with fatigue;

  During the weekends, you can lie in the bed with your cat or dog being around and families smiling happily. Or you can go shopping downstairs, getting yourself tanned in the garden.

  At this very moment, everyone is dreaming to have a life like this. And having a house within this area is the reason why every young man is fighting so hard today.

  To have a dream house

  Is it hard to live in this area?

  Honestly, it’s really hard to get there.

  According to our data, if you want to get to your workplace in 30 minutes from your home, there are only 3 communities meeting your demand. But the prices are terrifying.

  For instance, the Guanggang New Town at the border between Guangzhou and Foshan and the Guangzhi New Town in Haizhu District have reached more than RMB 50,000 per square meter, while some others even hit nearly RMB 65,000. A random two-room house there requires RMB 4,000,000. And yes, the price will climb to 6 or 7 million if you want to buy a bigger one!

  Simply put, if you are hunger for a three-room house in a good estate within that half-an-hour circle, you have to prepare at least RMB 6,000,000 in your pocket.

  But comparatively, the housing price of Nanhai District at the border between Guangzhou and Foshan is much lower.

  The Yicui Riviera, located in Foshan CBD, only costs you 1 billion. The down payment starts at RMB 590,000, with which you can own a house in a mega community with super river view!

  Young fellas, this is no doubt the place that will make your dream come true!

  1.CBD areas to embrace prosperity

  We’re definitely not lying about this.

  The district that the Riviera lies in is like what Zhujiang New Town to Guangzhou. They are both the heart of the city with complete supporting facilities.

  So, this is it. The Riviera is now embracing the prosperity of Foshan.

  Wanda Plaza, Poly Aquacity, Ipark, IKEA, Zhonghai Huanyu City, AEON and Decathlon—Qiandenghu Lake is having everything you need.

  Two parks are sitting next to the bridge.

  During the spare time, you can walk your dog, or play basketball with your friends.

(Sketch map)

  In the future, many landmarks will be built here: the grand theater, museum, sports center, convention center, and smart city operation center, you name it.

(Planning map of the Nanhai Eye)

  Image this, you can enjoy a world-class opera with your family, or take your kids to the museum…how is that?

  2.3 Metro Lines integrated

  If this does not meet your demand, you can drive from your home or travel to Guangzhou by metro. It only takes about 10 minutes.

(Sketch map)

  Now, you can take the Financial Hi-tech Zone Station to Guangzhou in just one stop and Guanggang in 3 stops.

  Or, in the near future, you can take Guangzhou Line 28, or Foshan Line 6 to Fangcun in 2 stops and Shiergong in just 3 stops.

  Afterwards, you can get to anywhere in Guangzhou via interchanges.

  And this is why 80% house owners of the Riviera are Guangzhou citizens.

 3.RMB 2 million to buy a river-view house

  More fabulous incoming!

  Living in Riviera will not only give you the best facilities and the best shopping malls in Foshan, but also gives you an easy way to relish your life.

  The estate is built along the Fenjiang River, the mother river of Foshan. The south side is a 7km green road along the bank of the river. This estate is the one and only community that has a river view within this area.

(Reality image)

  What does it mean?

  In Guangzhou, the price of a river-view house is at least RMB 100,000/㎡ and some even over RMB 120,000/㎡.

  Last week, a land in Linwan District was auctioned with a price of over RMB 420,000/㎡, making a record for a river-view house.

  In contrast, however, the price in Riviera is much lower than that in Guangzhou. And it has great potential in the future!

  4.A river-view house, starting only at RMB 590,000

  Start your life in a new house!

  Yes, the Riviera is giving your more surprises!

  The 85-101㎡ houses here are perfect in types and super wide compared with those in Guanggang and Yuexiu of Guangzhou.

  For example, if you have the budget to buy a small house in Guanggang New Town, you can afford a 85㎡one with three rooms here, or a 90-96㎡ river-view one with three rooms!

  Starting at only RMB 590,000!! (down payment)

(The 85㎡ house type)

(The living room of the 90㎡ house)

  Choose Riviera if you want to live in a bigger house! There are more houses here to choose from, like 126㎡ with four rooms or 137-149㎡ with two master bedrooms!

(The 137㎡ house with four rooms and perfect lighting)

(Living room of the 137㎡ house)

(The 126㎡ house with four rooms and two balconies)

(The 126㎡model room)

  This is a masterpiece of Yicui Real Estate, who has been in the industry for 21 years. This estate is super large, covering an area of 1,300,000㎡ with 270,000㎡ facilities.

  The 3000㎡ downstairs has been in operation.

  The 6000㎡ IEC kindergarten is within your reach, which is time-saving for you.

  Apart from these, the Riviera also have a mile of business street.

  This is a rare estate considering its land size, the capacity and the facility!

  You cannot feel how relaxing the life is here unless you live here once.

  And now, here is your chance. You can buy one house with only 1 million. It is now or never!

  You can firstly subscribe Yicui’s WeChat Official Account, or pay a visit to the estate personally to know more about it before you make up your mind.

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