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Yicui Riviera’s Model Rooms Now Opened

From:FoShanFangChan  Time:2019-09-10

  Yicui Riviera, the new community by Qiandenghu Lake, is making some new moves.

  Yesterday, its model rooms were officially opened. Let’s check it out.

  The estate is located in the south of Guihaijing Avenue of Financial Hi-tech Zone in Nanhai District.

  The 85-137㎡ houses with 3 to 4 rooms are now available.

  The estate covers an area about 250,000㎡ and GFA around 1,300,000㎡ as well as a 3.5 plot ratio.

  A couple of residential buildings in Taoyuan now are released, with 32 floors in total. There are 5 households and 2 lifts in each floor.

(The sand table)

  Double-balcony design; classic three- to four-room

  The estate now has 2 mdoel rooms: the 101㎡ house with 3 rooms and 126㎡ house with 4 rooms. Let’s take a look.

  The 126㎡ house type

  The 126㎡ house has 4 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies. The overall air convection, ventilation and lighting are excellent.

  Also, a hallway is set at the entrance. The kitchen is on the left with small windows and good lighting.

  Moreover, the kitchen has different functional zones and suitable for multiple people cooking at the same time.

  The living room is about 4.5m in width. The dining room, living room and balconies are connected to form fantastic lighting and a wide space.

  The balcony is as wide as the living room, with plenty of space for sunbathing, and can also be placed with tea tables and cradle chairs, etc.

  The master bedroom is 3.6m in width and fit for putting a 1.8m bed, bedside table and dresser. It is also equipped with a cloakroom.

  It also has a big bay window with fabulous lighting. The house owner can place small desks or shelves at will.

  There is a restroom as well with a mirror cabinet to ensure privacy.

  The other 3 bedrooms also have bay windows with wide space to be placed with desks and bedside tables.

  The multi-functional space on the right side of the hallway can be changed into a tearoom or storage room per request.

  The 101㎡ house type

  The 101㎡ house has 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies.

  You can place your shoes and rain gears at the hallway cabinet on the left side after entering the house.

  The dining room and living room are integrated to create a vast space.

  The most outstanding feature of this house type is its double balconies and big bay windows, which produce perfect lighting and ventilation.

  The balcony connects the living room with the same width, thus creating a wide area that can be furnished with tea tables and shelves.

  The kitchen is U-type designed with different functional zones. A balcony is on the left with good lighting.

  The dry and wet areas are separated in the restroom with impressive space, lighting and ventilation.

  Bedrooms are considerably big, among which the master bedroom cover an area of 23㎡.

  Superb river view with supporting facilities

  The Riviera is the largest estate for sale within this area.

  You can see the Foshan Waterway from these houses. That’s why we name our community “an estate with superb river view”.

  With regard to supporting facilities, the estate is equipped with about 270,000㎡ business facilities, including a 6,000㎡ IEC kindergarten, Poly Aquacity, Wanda Plaza, Nanhai Square, Qiandenghu Lake Park and Seascape Park to meet daily demands.

  It is also worth mentioning that the bus station equipped for the estate has been delivered and in full operation. The kindergartens around will also be in service this year.

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