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A New Landmark Will be Built in Foshan!

From:LeJu  Time:2019-12-24

  Another good news!

  Foshan has updated an overall plan for its future urban construction.

  Foshan will become a big hit! Let’s check it out!

  A Foshan-version “Sydney Opera House”

  Breaking news! Dongping River’s core area is selected to build some comprehensive public cultural facilities, including concert halls, exhibition halls, art galleries, etc. The total construction area is tentatively set at 165,000 square meters and the total investment is about 2.191 billion yuan. A new landmark will rise!

  Currently, Foshan Natural Resources Bureau has released the announcement.

  The project is located at the western end of the Dengzhou Peninsula where Dongping Waterway and Tanzhou Waterway meet. It is across the river from Foshan's main urban districts and Foshan New Town.


 Sketch map for the project location

  Area map for the project

  Cultural centers include concert halls, exhibition halls, art galleries, etc. They will become Foshan's iconic public cultural buildings to enhance the image of Foshan, becoming the jewel of the Greater Bay Area.

  It is built by the water. The view can easily remind you of the Sydney Opera House.

  In the near future, Foshan will also have its own "Sydney Opera House". Foshan New Town will add another landmark. Citizens here can enjoy a first-class cultural and art feast.

  A Foshan-version “Pearl River Night Cruise”

  The 15km night tour line integrates Sanlong Bay, Banyue Island, Foshan New Town, Zhouweiwei, Lanshi Port and other attractions. In Foshan New Town, it will be the perfect combination of urban architecture, riverbank landscape and night lights Gallery.

  At present, Foshan is sparing no efforts to combine different industries together to vitalize this city and different districts.

  Dongping River will open passenger ferry lines and cruise yacht lines. The former runs through regional passenger routes and connects regional terminals such as Foshan and Guangzhou. The latter will provide leisure and sightseeing to make Dongping and Tanzhou night tour famous nationwide.

  An Energetic New Town

  As a new landmark in Foshan, the International Sports & Cultural Center is embracing visitors from all over the world. Citizens here are blessed with the chance to watch big events and games.

  01 China (Foshan) Greater Bay Area Kung Fu Film Week

  After the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the International Sports & Cultural Center ushered in another splendid cultural event.

  From December 17 to 21, 2019 China (Foshan) Greater Bay Area Kung Fu Film Week will be held in Foshan, and the film closing ceremony will be held at Foshan International Sports & Cultural Center. Donnie Yen will be the ambassador.

  02 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2020

  The FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2020 will be held at Foshan International Sports & Cultural Center on February 6 to 9, with the arrival of China Woman’s Basketball Team.

  03 More and more events


  ·December 7: Loonglions VS Liaoning, CBA 2019-2020 Season

  ·December 21: China (Foshan) Greater Bay Area Kung Fu Film Week

  ·January 4, 2020: Li Ronghao “Young” World Tour

  ·Feb. 6 to 9, 2020: FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2020

  ·Feb. 22 to Mar. 22, 2020: OWL games, home games of Guangzhou Charge

  New Housing Policy Released!

  On November 29, Foshan released a new housing policy to land more talents by giving them house-purchasing privileges, the specific details are as follows:

  This policy is no doubt good news for young talents as they are now qualified to settle down in Foshan.

  The Yicui Riviera

  The Riviera is located in the core area of Foshan New Town and covered with the GuangFo Metro. There will be three metro lines passing by in the future. Moreover, you cannot miss the international shopping mall, a NBA-standard arena, luxury serviced apartment and kindergarten.

  Estates on sale:

  [Taiyuan]: brand-new 4 blocks, 137-185㎡ river-view houses with 4 big rooms

  [Yilongwan]: 42-78㎡ river-view houses with a NBA-standard arena around

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