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Introduction Strategy History Honors

Founded in March, 1998, Nenking Holdings Group Co., Ltd (Nenking Group for short) is a large enterprise focusing on diversified business in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region. Throughout these years, Nenking has adhered to the strategy of “taking commercial trade as the lead, financial investment service and real estate development as flanks, and sports & culture as new growths” to extend and upgrade our business, fighting to be the most valuable and modernized enterprise of the region.

Currently, Nenking Group covers its major business in import & export trade, financial investment, exquisite residential project and commercial complex development, sports event operation and cultural spread, high-end property service and bio-tech pharmaceuticals. By taking core development philosophy from the headquarter, the branch companies stand out in each field with their superb quality, unique service as well as brand reputation.

With regard to international trade, Nenking has partnered with well-known traders and manufacturers home and abroad, building stable relationships with many trade partners and financial service institutions throughout the development process. As the company’s liquidity is becoming increasingly rich, Nenking will further explore the trading area to extend suppliers from upstream and clients from downstream.

Financial business is one of the key sections that Nenking prioritizes. For the past few years, Nenking has been forging a full financial industry chain with its strong capital strength and accurate market acumen, and taking full participation into business like operation of micro-credit companies, management of financial asset , and investment of securities institutions and banking agencies. As of right now, Nenking Group is the major shareholder of First Capital Securities and NRC Bank, and one of the major investors of Xiamen International Bank. In 2009, Nenking, as the first majority shareholder, established Foshan Nanhai CFP Finance Co., Ltd., which is one of the first batch micro-credit companies for pilot operation in Guangdong Province and the first of its kind in Nanhai District, Foshan.

In real estate development, with the key philosophy of “Superiority Comes Naturally”, Nenking explores its local market and releases multiple high-end residential projects that features “Yicui” as its core brand, aspiring to spearhead the industry. With strategic insight, Nenking has cooperated with different partners from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to further equalize and diversify the business layout in its real estate field.

In recent years, Nenking, apart from expanding core business, has successfully integrated its residential projects with sports & culture resource to embody its all-around development strategy. In 2010, Nenking officially acquired the Loong Lions Basketball Club of the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) In 2015, taking the opportunity to construct the International Sports & Cultural Center that is wholly-owned by Nenking as the home arena for Loong Lions Basketball Club, Nenking won the right to host the FIBA World Cup 2019 by working with the General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Basketball Association. Subsequently, Foshan International Sports & Cultural Center was named as one of the major venues to host the World Cup , which became a model case that the social capital could bond with sports industry through investment in China.

Beyond the achievements made in trade, financial investment, real estate development along with sports & culture, Nenking embraces more diversified industrial systems, fluent financing channels and sufficient resource stock for strategic development. Additionally, it gathers a bunch of specialists from various industries and countries that pushes Nenking ahead with a more crystal-clear future plan. Undoubtedly, Nenking will keep offering unparalleled service to customers with vitality, diligence, perseverance and creativity.

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